The public needs a free press to show them how this accounting fraud works. Their signature cover is to divide and conquer the family they victimize. They make it appear as if the family destroyed itself fighting over money. Please understand that they intentionally destroy your family to coverup their accounting.


Use sister

I posted my website on March 31, 2012, to try to bring attention to the accounting at bk467p191 and get it exposed. The past twenty some years of trying through more traditional channels had not worked. Then this happened:

      2012.03.31 Trustee posted
(1) 2012.05.11  Covert lien for $27,669 sent to Highland County that took control of my farm.
(2) 2012.05.25  Revocation of Power of Attorney as Trustee
(3) 2012.09.04  Summons to remove me as Trustee  summons10p
(4) 2012.09.28  Injunction
(5) 2012.10.22  Notice to appear in Court
(6) 2012.12.05  Order to appear in Court, Motion for Default Judgment
(7) 2013.01.25  Order removing me as Trustee.

I told the law firm of B&K that our sister Jean Nader was innocent. They used her to keep the accounting covered.

"Anthony OConnell <>    Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 10:23 AM
To: "Sarah E. Hall" <>
Cc: Amy Johnson <>, Anthony OConnell <>,"James E.
Tierney" <>, Jean Nader <>, Pierre Shevenell
,<>, richard patnaude <>, Sheila OConnell
<>, Tammy Tierney <>, Andrew O'Connell-Shevenell
Dear Sarah E. Hall,
I wonder if you wonder whether Jean Nader might have intentionally mislead you into believing that I have done
little to try to sell Accotink, when it has become obvious that that is not true. Jean Nader would not intentionally mislead you; she trusts what the accountant's tell her to a degree that is beyond believing. She will do what the accountants tell her to do. I believe you would be astounded. She is innocent.
If your staff studied , would they see that the accountants manipulated our
mother into putting Jean in control? Putting Accotink in the control of Jean Nader is putting Accotink in the control of the accountants.
I pray that you would use your power and prestige, and most of all your willingness to be transparent and
accountable, to ask B&K to try to expose Bk467p191. The path to exposure would show most all that is needed. If this is not possible in the situation that we find ourselves in now, I don't believe it ever will be exposed. B&K would be giving the real estate industry of Virginia, the legal profession of Virginia, and the people of the country a huge gift."

The accountants and their collaborators want me out because I try to expose the accounting. They want Jean Nader in because they can use her as unwitting cover.