This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. The public needs a free press to show how it works.



How they divide, destabilize, and disempower the family

The signature cover of the CPA Joanne L. Barnes and the lawyer Edward J. White is to divide and disempower the family they victimize. They use a trusting family member to carry out their covert advice so the source of the confusion and conflict appears to come from the family.

Secrecy between family members is essential for them and fatal to the family. The only thing they need is your trust. And they are held out to the public as to be automatically trusted. Our Mother, Jean O'Connell, trusted them and bought their policy of secrecy. Neither the CPA or lawyer notified me about anything. I did not know of the lawyer's existence. Please keep in mind , as you read this, that the CPA - Attorney have established an impenetrable wall of secrecy between my Mother and I. Our family was not divided and there were no conflicts over money or property. But the CPA - Attorney made it appear so.

If I had not found this memo in our Mother's papers after her death I would never have known that it was the CPA and Attorney that destroyed my relationship with my Mother in order to supplant me as family fiduciary, and not her change of trust in me.

The CPA refused to accept Jean O'Connell's instructions. The CPA forced her covert instructions on Jean O'Connell.

Behind a wall of secrecy, the CPA and lawyer refused to follow Jean O'Connell's instructions. They forced their instructions on Jean O'Connell. Their instructions divided, disempowered, and destroyed, Jean O'Connell family.

"So Kaiser - Hilton                       [Jean O'Connell's two instructions highlighted in green are the most important.]
Joanne,      [These are Jean O'Connell's instructiions to the CPA]
My son Tony called.
He said he wanted very much to be the full trustee with an (wedge 0, make 9 year delay appear as my fault?)
agent to receive notices and processes(?) from the
court and commissioner as in the May 8th letter.
First thing is to have the final accounting
based on the same figures
as in the first accounting.
Send it to me - Do I have to sign it."

"Call - Will do draft of final accting.-      [These are the CPA's covert counter instructions to Jean O'Connell]
deed to property - convey to court.      
needs how much"                                    


"Will do draft of final accting."
April 10. 1986
April 25, 1986



"deed to property - convey to court."
October 23, 1985
June 26, 1986 (to CPA )
June 26, 1986 (to Jean OConnell)

How much

"Needs how much"
August 16, 1985
January 27, 1986


("Delay" is not part of the CPA's recorded counter instructions.
It is an inherent consequence of it.)

April 25, 1986



("Withhold" is not part of the CPA's recorded counter instructions.
It is an inherent consequence of it.)
June 26, 1986 (to CPA )
June 26, 1986 (to Jean OConnell)