The public needs a free press to show them how this accounting fraud works. Their signature cover is to divide and conquer the family they victimize. They make it appear as if the family destroyed itself fighting over money. Please understand that they intentionally destroy your family to coverup their accounting.


Two lawyers setup
First thing is to have the final accounting . . . send it to me - Jean O'Connell

There has to be a problem, fake or real, to cause a family to hire or accept a lawyer. In our family the problem was the CPA withholding the final account for our Dad's estate. Our Dad died in 1975.

Family member one hires a lawyer to represent the whole family. But lawyer one hides from the family except from the member that hired him. Family member two hires a lawyer to represent the whole family because he or she doesn't know there is a lawyer one. Lawyer two decides, or accepts, that he is just representing the member that hired him. Lawyer one comes out of hiding. And presto, one family has two lawyers. Never allow secrecy between family members in a lawyer situation if you want to keep your family whole. Secrecy between family members is fatal.