This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. The public needs a free press to show how it works.


on Complaint

Why is this accounting fraud protected instead of the public? Can anyone get an answer from the Justice Department or FBI? The establishment is not supposed to kill me for trying to expose the accounting in the public record for our Mother's estate. I have been retaliated against by so many for so long now, that it is now a matter of my life or death. I did not have PTSD when I came back from Vietnam. I have it now from this. What in the world is wrong?

In 2000, I told the Judges about the accounting fraud.

"A CPA-lawyer fraud operation stole money from the Estate of Jean M. O'Connell. I would like to (1) find out how much money they stole, (2) recover the stolen money, and (3) free the real estate from their controlling accounting entanglements. Because they use an innocent family member to unwittingly carry out their agenda, the traditional paths of justice through the Court won't work. The direct intervention of a Judge is the last hope in the system. If you could (1) protect all the member's of Jean M. O'Connell's family from further damage, and (2) compel a 100% true and complete financial disclosure of her Estate, with one hard copy in my hands, you could expose an otherwise untouchable fraud operation."
(From my July 24, 2000, letter to the Judges of the Nineteenth Circuit Court of Virginia)

I was told that my letter was inappropriate communications. That it was ex parte comunications. About two weeks later, on August 8, 2000, the Commissioner of Accountants closed my Trust accounting against my intent. I am trying to expose the accounting, not cover it up. The Commissioner closed my Trust accounting by making a fradulent Report to the Judges. His Report contained his version of my August 9, 1999, 12th Trust account, not mine, and his alteration of my April 24, 1995, 11th Trust account. I filed an Exceptions to the Commissioner's Report . It was accepted by the Court on Aujust 23, 2000. Then it disappearred.

In 2012, after I posted a website, Chief Judge Smith destroyed me.

On March 30, 2012, I posted my first website: , to try to get the accounting for our Mother's estate exposed and to remove the accounting entanglemens on the 15 acres in Fairfax County, Virgina. About 5 weeks later, on May 10, 2012, my 77 acres in Highland County, Virginia, was taken over using a covert lien. The lien is so secret the property it is placed against is still not identified. It's been 5 years now. About 20 weeks later, on August 30, 2012, a Complaint is filed against me that takes away my (as Trustee) 15 acres in Fairfax County, Virginia. This was my livelyhood.

The sources of power against me now, in 2017, from Virginia to Arizona, after my posting 17 more websites, has made me a dead man walking.

The accounting for our Mother's estate remains concealed - . The Deed at remains ignored. To my knowledge, not one attempt has been made by the establishment to expose the accounting or to stop the fraudsters from using our sister as unwitting cover. Is there no one in the establishment willing and able to expose the fraudsters accounting?

This skips over exposing bk467p191. Conferences and hearings and having our trusting sister agree with the accusations in the Complaint prepared by the law firm of B&K, none of which are true, does not expose accounting trails. If there is any doubt that the signature pattern for diverting attention from and covering up the accounting is to use a trusting family member as cover, this should remove it.

This Deed has been ignored for 25 years now.

Why is the Trust Deed ignored? It has been in the Court records since October 23, 1992. Why is it not recognized or it said why it should not be recognized? Ignoring this Deed rendered me powerless. It blocked me from selling the Trust property and forced me to pay the real estate taxes until I ran out of money. It sabotaged my Trusteeship. It is made to appear as my fault. The sabotage is used to justify removing me as Trustee. The reader absolutely positively has to recognize this set up. This cause and effect. If it is not recognized this is a good place to stop.