This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. The public needs a free press to show how it works.


Item 13
Compute taxes

13. According to Paragraph 9.03 of the Land Trust Agreement, the responsibility for payment of all real estate taxes on the Property is to be shared proportionately by the beneficiaries. However, if a beneficiary does not pay his or her share, the Land Trust Agreement provides: The Trustee will pay the shortfall and shall be reimbursed the principal plus 10% interest per annum. Trustee shall be reimbursed for any outstanding real estate tax shares or other Beneficiary shared expense still owed by any Beneficiary at settlement on the eventual sale of the property

Please read the Trust documents instead of the Complaint's version of them. Real estate taxes are the most used vehicle for planting confusion and conflict in the accounting.

Accepting Jean Nader's checks made out to "County of Fairfax" would create an accounting entanglement. Accounting entanglements are used as wedge and takeover tools and as cover. It is unlike Jean Nader to insist on making her check out contrary to my request. Imagine if I asked her to sign a sales contract or deed.

To see if the real estate tax amount of $27,669.17 was just made up, have those who arrived at this figure show how they arrived at this figure. As of November 6, 2010, the individual beneficiaries owed these amounts in real estate taxes:

Sheila O'Connell owed me                    $ 83,568.24.
Jean Nader owned me                           $ 56,615.23.
Anthony O'Connell owed  fairfax         $   6,446.65   

To keep the accounting straight I paid the total real estate taxes for all the beneficiaries and Sheila OConnell and Jean OConnell were to reimburse me. Subtracting $6,446.65 from these three amounts (It's a wash) means Sheila O'Connell owed Anthony OConnell $77,121.59 in reimbursement, and Jean Nader owned Anthony OConnell $50,168.58 in reembursement, for a total of $127,290.17. As of November , 2010, the Trust owned Anthony OConnell $127,290.17. How was it calculated that Anthony OConnell owes $27,738.00? This is a difference of $155,028.17 Why is this OK?

My Trusteeship was sabotaged by those in control from day one by them ignoring the Trust Deed. Not recognizing my Trust Deed, but not actually saying so, and not saying why it should not be recognized, but just ignoring it, rendered me powerless. It blocked me from selling the Trust property, which forced me to pay the real estate taxes until I ran out of money. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The sabotage consequences are made to appear as my fault. As if there were no Trust Deed to be ignored. The consequences of not selling the trust property and not paying the real estate taxes after I ran out of money are used to justify removing me as Trustee. The reader has to recognize this set up. This cause and effect. If the reader does not follow this, this is a good place to stop. Does the FBI and the DOJ recognize this set up? History suggests I will be killed and it made to appear as my fault unless a just power removes the secrecy and enforces the law. . . . . . . . . . . .Try to expose and see what happens. Try to get the establishment to recognize this Deed or say why it should not be recognized