This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. The public needs a free press to show how it works.


Item 32

32. It is in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the Harold Trust that, upon the sale of the Property, the net sale proceeds be distributed in an orderly and expedient manner. Based on Anthony's actions, he is not the proper individual to fulfill the trustee's duties in administering the Harold Trust.

The CPA Joanne Barnes and the Attorney Edward White make money disappear and use our trusting sister as unwitting cover. A cash payment of $545,820.43 is made to our Mother's estate for the full payoff of the Lynch Note on April 21, 1992. But only the interest of $26,917.17 is reported. The difference of $518, 903.26 disappears. The only way to get to the truth is to follow the trails. You can always trust that 545,820.43 - $26,917.17 = $518,903.26.