Planning and Zoning

2015.03.03 email 11:23am (Anthony O'Connell to multiple recepients)
"Dear Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning, Board of Supervisors, and others:
The Staff Report for RZ/FDP 2014-LE-008 is incorrect. Our trusting sister Jean Mary O'Connell Nader does not own this property (parcel 0094 01 0017). She is being used.
Please explain why the 1992 Deed at book 8307 page 1446, which shows that "ANTHONY MINER O'CONNELL, Trustee", owns parcel 0094 01 0017 in fee simple, is not recognized?
How could it happen that this Deed which has been in the public record for more than twenty-two years, continues to
remain unrecognized? How can this happen?
Please ask Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith why he does not recognize this Deed.
I understand that tomorrow, March 4, 2015, there is a hearing on rezoning parcel 0094 01 0017. I live in Arizona and can't be there. Please have this Deed recognized at the hearing
Sincerely, Anthony Miner O'Connell"
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2015.03.03 email 12:54pm (Planning and Zoning [Jack Weyant] to Anthony OConnell and others)
"I have been receiving several emails from this person so I contacted Bill Lynch, one of the partners who is purchasing the O’Connell Property for development. Mr. Lynch indicated to me that Mr. Anthony O’Connell had previously been removed from the trustee ownership of the property and that he is not, and has not, been an owner with whom they have been dealing during the purchase of the property. Mr. Lynch indicated that Mr. O’Connell has also been sending a lot of email to him and to anybody else whose email address he can obtain, which is evidenced by the email chain below. That email chain includes any County staff member who has been involved in the project from site reviewers to geotechnical engineers to our GRB members, and so on. My suggestion is to ignore or block the emails from Mr. O’Connell.
Jack Weyant"

(1) Why does Planning and Zoning not recognize the deed and not say why? That is the issue.
(2) Why justify not recognizing the deed and not saying why by saying what Bill Lynch is said to have said?
(3) Why attack me instead of showing why the deed should not be recognized?