This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. The public needs a free press to show how it works.


From Judges 2012

(Above) Summons attached to Complaint (Complaint not shown here).
(Correction: "http:www.trail659" in text box should be "http://www.659trail")

B&K Motion for tempoary injunction

I don't understand why B&K's Elizabeth Chichester Morrogh (who prepared and filed the Complaint against me) would state in her Motion for Temporary Injunction dated September 28, 2012, item 5:

"5. As of the date of the filing of this Motion, Defendant Sheila O'Connell has been
served with the Complaint and the time period for her to file an answer is pending. Upon
information and belief, Defendant Anthony M. O'Connell has filed a response to the Complaint, which consisted of a one-page letter directed to the Clerk of Court, and the filing of numerous documents and records containing his annotations."

I sent her and others an email two days before, on September 28, 2012, listing the eighteen (1) responses I sent to the Court. I also attached a copy of each response:

(Subject) "The public should know; response to summons; lost or not recognized documents.
Anthony OConnell <> Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 3:49 AM
Bcc: Lisa Overton <>, Steve Blizzad <>,, Elizabeth Chichester Morrogh <>, Sarah Hall <>, Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli <>, Cindy Duke mail2cindy <>, "Kate Simmons \" \"James E. Tierney" <>, richard patnaude <>, Tammy Tierney <>, Sheila OConnell <>, Jean Nader through Amy Johnson <>, "Chief Deputy Attorney General Patricia L. West" <>, Bill Bolling <>, Allen Jamerson <>, Dennis Burch <>, Ibbie Hendrick <>, Jessica Brooks <>, Randy Marcus <>, Brian Lowell <>, Cathy Brudvig <>,
"Commissioner of Accounts John H. Rust" <>, Dale Royal <>, David Lee
<>, Diane Yankowski <>, Donna Sykes <>, Hennie Abalo<>, Ibis Espinal-Banks <>, Jennifer Tomac <>, Karen Davis<>, Kim Sharp <>, "Marty Kacvinsky\"\" <>, \"MattAndrusia\" <>, \"Patty Lindsley\" <>,\"Ron Kirby\" <>,
\"Sandra Martin\" <>, \"Sharon Wester\" <>, \"Thai Nguyen\"
<>, \"Tim McAlevy\" <>, \"Traci Wenberg\" <>, \"Vicky Kobe\" <>, \"Brad Zinn\" <>, \"Calvin Trice\" <>, \"David Fritz\" <>, \"Maria Longley\" <>, \"Megan Williams\" <>, \"Spencer Dennis\" <>, Commissioner Craig Burns <>, Commissioner of Revenue Darlene Crummett <>, Treasurer Lois White <hctreas@htcne" <>, "James M. LeMunyon" <>, "James M. Scott" <>, Jeffrey C McKay <>, "Kenneth R. Plum"<>, "Kevin Greenlief, Director of DTA" <>, "L. Kaye Kory" <>, "Linda T. Puller" <>, "Mark D. Sickles" <>, "Mark L. Keam" <>, "Mark R. Herring" <>, "Richard L. Saslaw" <>, "Robert H. Brink"<>, Sharon Bulova Chairman <>, "Taxing Authority Consulting Services P.C." <>, Thomas Davis Rust <>, "Timothy D. Hugo" <>, Vivian Watts <>, Board of Accountancy <>, James McCauley <>, State Corporation Commission <>, Leonard Downiel <>, FBI Academy <>, Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force <>, dpor <>, AAJA <>, Fund for Investigative Journalism <>, ICFJ Communications <>, ICFJ Director <>, ICFJ Resources <>, Journalism Admin <>, Journalism Dept Head <>, NAHJ <>, Newseum <>, PEJ <>, SOC Associate Dean <>, SOC Director <>, WABJDC <>, WCP&J <>, Amy Argetsinger <>, Jonathan Capehart <>, Juan Williams
<>, Roxanne Roberts <>, Sarah Kaufman <>, Scott Higham <>, Thomas Boswell <>, "Colleen S. Crowley" <>, "Jonathan P. Rak" <>, Bill McKelway <>, Frank Green <>, Jeremy Slayton <>, Joe Macenka <>, John Hoke <>, Mark Bowes <>, Michael Paul Williams <>, Olympia Meola <>, Paige Mudd<>, Robert Zullo <>

Dear potential just powers;
Can we get to the bottom of this and expose Bk467p191 and find out where the money went? The law says that
this is automatically done and the public trusts that it is done. Why can't it be done? Why couldn't it be done before our family was terrorized and destroyed?
I am concerned that my responses to the summons the accountants had my sister serve me may be lost or not recognized; and the terms of the summons would be approved by default. So I want to leave evidence of my responses. I was served the summons on September 8, 2012. The summons says I have 21 days after being served to respond.
On September 22, 2012, I responded with the attachment overview-sept22-62p.pdf. The Court received it on September 24. 2012. at 10:01 am.
On September 24, 2012, I responded with the attachments: (1) 545820-23p.pdf, (2) bk467p191-8p.pdf, (3) blueprint4p.pdf, (4) canweconnectthedots2p.pdf, (5) codeofconduct18p.pdf, (6) commitments-Individually9p.pdf, (7) compute-tax-test35p.pdf, (8) exceptions1994disappeared.pdf, (9) exceptions2000disappeared.pdf, (10) overview72p.pdf, (11) percentages72p.pdf, (12) precedence17p.pdf, (13) tax-records94p.pdf, (14) trust-deedinvisible175p.pdf, (15) trusts-documents42p.pdf, (16) unknown14p.pdf, and (17) usingIRS15p.pdf. The Court received them on September 25. 2012. at 10:44 am.
Can we look at the evidence before judigng? It is impossible to judge fairly without exposing Bk467p191. Can the accountants be made accountrble for their accounting? Why keep Bk467p191 covered up?
Anthony OConnell, Trustee
References: (Trust property in Fairfax County for sale) (Trustee's individual property in Highland County for sale) (Can we find out where the money went in our Mother's estate? Bk467p191.
Our family is innocent

18 attachments
545820-23p.pdf                                   304K
bk467p191-8p.pdf                               120K
blueprint4p.pdf                                      31K
canweconnectthedots2p.pdf                  91K
codeofconduct18p.pdf                         165K
commitments-Individually8p.pdf         194K
compute-tax-test35p.pdf                      645K
exceptions1994disappeared.pdf             59K
exceptions2000disappeared.pdf           856K
overview72p.pdf                                1386K
percentages12p.pdf                              218K
precedence17p.pdf                               216K
tax-records94p.pdf                             2483K
trust-deed-invisible175p.pdf                 961K
trust-documents42p.pdf                        703K
unknown14p.pdf                                  240K
usingIRS15p.pdf                                   238K
overview-sept22-62p.pdf                    1246K"

Trustee to Judges, to question a Cou