Trustee Anthony M. OConnell in Green Valley, Arizona.

In 1992, our family property that we call Accotink, was put into a Trust with Anthony O'Connell as Trustee. The Virginia Land Trust for Accotink was established in October 16, 1992. There were three Land Trust documents for Accotink recorded in the court records:

  • The "Deed in Trust under Land Trust Agreement" at Book 8307 pages 1446-1452.
  • The "Power of Attorney" at Book 8845 pages 1444-1448. (Revoked May 25, 2012)*
  • The "Land Trust Agreement" at Book 8845 pages 1449-1462.

    *Recinded by B&K prepared document dated May 25. 2012. signed by trusting Jean Nader.

The Trust Deed is not recognized and no reason is given. This blocks the Trustee from entering into a sales contract until the issue is resolved. But the issue is never respolved. This forces the Trustee to continue to pay the real estate taxes until he runs out of money.

Is there anyone in our Country who would find out why this Trust Deed is not recognized? trust-deed8p , deed-assigns11p