This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. The public needs a free press to show how it works.



The issue is exposing the accounting in our Mother's Estate such as that at bk467p191. Is there anyone in our Country who would find the CPA Joanne L. Barnes (EIN 541040148, SSN 579-44-3240?) and the Attorney Edward White, who did this accounting, and have them show where the money went?

On March 30, 2012, after going through traditional channels with no success, I tried to expose the accounting at bk467p191 by posting my web site .

Then this happened.

1992.10.16  Trust Agreement at bk8845p1453.  agreement3p  agreement14p
1993.03.20  Accounting at Book467page191 approved. bk467p191-19p
2000.07.24  Trustee's letter to judges.  2000july24home  2000july24  2000july24-121p
2012.03.30  Trustee posts

 (1)  2012.03.30                       Trustee posts
 (2)  2012.05.11*Individually. Lien for $27,669 sent to Highland County, Bank1.  lien-bank1-1p
 (2)  2012.05.25                        Revocation of Power of Attorney as Trustee.  revoke-poa2p
 (3)  2012.07.26  Individually. Lien sent to Highland County, Bank 2.  lien-bank2-1p
 (4)  2012.08.30  Individually. Complaint filed against Trustee.  complaint1p
 (5)  2012.09.28  Individually. Injunction.  injunction3p
 (6)  2012.10.05  Individually. Order (". . Trust shall not expire . . .") order5oct2012-2p
 (7)  2012.10.22  Individually. Notice to appear in Virginia Court.   notice1p
 (8)  2012.12.04  Individually. Order to appear in Virginia Court. order4dec2012-2p
 (9)  2013 01.25  Individually. Order removing Trustee using Trust Agreement.  order25jan2013-3p

The Trust Agreement at bk8845p1453 says "Trustee Not Individually Liable" but the documents with Individually before them are in violation of this. I don't understand why they were accepted by the Court. The law of contracts applies.  agreement3p

This skips over exposing bk467p191. Conferences and hearings and having our trusting sister agree with the accusations in the Complaint prepared by the law firm of B&K, none of which are true, does not expose accounting trails. If there is any doubt that the signature pattern for diverting attention from and covering the accounting is to use a trusting family member as cover, shouldn't this remove it? The issue is exposing the accounting trails at bk467p191.

Contract law

(a) All of a contract applies or none of a contract applies. A contract can't be cherry picked.
(b) The clause "Trustee Not Individually Liable" in the contract means what it says.
(c) A contract cannot be changed unless all the parties to the contract agree to the change and then it is a new contract.
(b) No one that is not a party to a contract can change a contract, not even a Court.